Let There Be Lights ~ 30+ Pictures with music

As the kids and I buckled up and headed down the road in search of food to fill our bellies, my son says to me from the back seat, Mom, you know what I do when I want to feel happy?” I’m a little surprised by the topic and am unsure where it came from, but I don’t discourage it. I’m actually very curious to know the answer.

Me: No, what do you do when you want to feel happy?

Son: I picture things I like with holiday lights and Santa hats on them.

A smile spreads across my face as we leave our neighborhood and cruise down the road. What a great way to lift one’s spirits. And all this coming from my ten-year-old son. Sometimes I’m taken aback by how quickly he’s growing.

Son: You should try it sometime, mom. It’s really fun.

Me: I think I just might have to do that. Thank you, hon.

The sun rolls behind the horizon, the sky darkens and lights on both sides of the street start to illuminate our path. It’s a magical time of year. And I find that I’m never ready for the lights to turn off.  It’s one part of the holidays I wish would last longer. As we turn into a local eatery, I realize my son just might be on to something. After all, I like pretty and shiny, and holiday lights are definitely that!

So, from my son, me, and my entire family – Happy Holidays. May it be filled with all kinds of magic!

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Image c/o keith011764, flickr

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Image c/o Santa Fe, New Mexico Convention & Visitors Bureau.


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Image discovered via Molly Cerreta Smith

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Image c/o J-TWO-O

Image c/o Barbara Weibel

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Image s/o the Atlanta Botanical Garden

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Image c/o Moyer Photos. flickr

Image spotted at Sweet Home Quilt Co.com

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Image c/o MGF Customs/Reviews _ Gamer's favorite holiday wish for you

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Happy Holidays to all! May the days the follow be all that you wish for!

I will be lost at sea for the next week, but don’t worry, this blog will still be producing material for you. Be sure to check in on Immortal Monday to see what surprise  we have in store for you.  If you like what you see please help out and tweet the post. Thanks! I’ll be dark and unable to respond to any comments or questions until after the New Year. Happy Holidays!

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37 Responses to Let There Be Lights ~ 30+ Pictures with music

  1. Krystal Wade says:

    Kids are so smart, and funny! Love his idea of happy. Christmas lights make me happy too. Unless I’m putting them up. 😉

  2. Jennifer says:

    This made a lovely time-out from the day. Thanks!

  3. Love the pics! Lights do make everything more magical! Happy holidays to you and your family!!

  4. I sat down with a coffee and your blog popped up in my email. what a lovely start to my day. Have a safe and joyful holiday. enjoy your break

  5. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Kids are remarkable! Yes, everything does look happier with the lights on! :-))
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you. Enjoy your vacation.

  6. Emma Burcart says:

    What a smart son you have! I love everything with lights, too. We should find new holidays that call for lights wrapped around things.

    • Debra Kristi says:

      I agree! Expect that we wouldn’t want to go into overload. The lights would have less meaning then. But I wouldn’t mind them staying up a little longer than they do. Thank you for the compliments on my son. 😀

  7. Great post, as usual. Loved all the pictures. Have a wonderful trip, and we’ll see you in January!!!

  8. If we’re only willing to listen, our kids can teach us so much. 🙂

    Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing. Withing you and your family a wonderful holiday season, Debra!

    • Debra Kristi says:

      That’s the key, isn’t it. Too often we are so busy we are tempted to tune it out. But they will amaze us when we leave ourselves open. Thank you Sheila. May you and your family have a fabulous holiday. Don’t fill up on too much poppycock.

  9. So beautiful! Lights have always been one of my favorite parts of the holidays. Some of my best childhood Christmas memories are driving around with my parents and my brother just to look at lights. I loved the kitty pic, too – I used to have a black cat with amber eyes, and they are my favorite. 🙂

    • Debra Kristi says:

      We love driving around to look at the lights as well. It’s so much fun. Gamer loves cats, and since he said he likes to picture his favorite things with Santa hats… you got cats in hats! LOL That and Master Chief. Happy holidays Jennette!

  10. mgmillerbooks says:

    Thanks for sharing the funny story and the great pics. Wishing you and yours a great holiday!

  11. Lesann says:

    Love it!
    Happy Holidays!

  12. Another lovely photo and music combo 🙂 I’m also stepping away from the internet for a bit over the holidays. I hope that you enjoy the time with your family!

  13. Debra Kristi says:

    I thought it might be a little soon, but then I figured “what the hell.” LOL But there’s something different on the schedule for the next couple of Fridays. I don’t want to become predictable.

    Enjoy your time away Marcy. It’s good to step out every now and then and recharge. Happy holidays!

  14. Lovely post, Debra! Happiest Christmas to you & yours. 🙂

  15. Stacie DeSantis-Dorego says:

    Sooo Beautiful..the lights and music..

  16. Everything IS better with Christmas lights and Santa hats, except maybe those cats. They didn’t look too happy.

    Merry Christmas! I hope you and your family have a blast on the cruise. Let’s get together soon in 2012!!

  17. andy1076 says:

    Wow beautiful pictures! lucky you aren’t asking us to vote cause i’d still pick them all lol! 😀

  18. J. says:

    Wow, what fabulous pictures! And I’m flattered that you included one of my black cat, Felix. Wishing you and your readers a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!

  19. Debra Kristi says:

    Hey J! My kids and I love Felix in the Santa hat. 😀 Although, I must say, Felix doesn’t look too excited about it. LOL We used to dress up our cats (when we had some) and they were never too happy about it. I hope you and yours have a fabulous 2012! Thank you for your great wishes for the new year! I know my readers appreciate it. My family and I just got back from ringing in the New Year at sea on Disney’s cruise ship “The Wonder,” hence the late response.

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