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Dip Me in Chocolate! Healthy and Happy

OMG! Do I love chocolate? Do bees like honey? It’s probably in the gene pool. Doomed from the start. My mother has a healthy love for the perfect smooth, yummy, rich treat. But where she will pick the milk chocolate, … Continue reading

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Immortal Monday: The Castle of Vlad Dracula “The Impaler”

Beautiful scene on the right, isn’t it? Age old castle set on a wintery hilltop. Perfect for an immortal story on Immortal Monday, wouldn’t you agree? What you are looking at is actually Bran Castle in Transylvania. It sits over … Continue reading

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Are You Comfortable With No Pants?

What does that say to you? Every day when I bring the kids home from school a little something happens in our house that might make some people turn red in the face. What, did Sheldon give it away? Let … Continue reading

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