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Movies, Me and Row80 Check-ins

The many levels and intensities of confusion. This is something I went through this last weekend and is the reason I missed my Row80 update on Sunday. I am making up for it today. Unfortunately, it will bump the intended … Continue reading

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Sometimes Superheroes Can Be Immortal, Too! Immortal Monday

For quite some time my son has been asking me to cover Spiderman or Batman on Immortal Monday. He’s been all gun-ho since we talked about Thor, a subject he knows a lot about. He actually educated me on Thor’s father … Continue reading

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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone Mash-up!

Did the week have you buried in mounds of paperwork? Always trapped too far behind? Well, guess what? The weekend is here. In my book that means it’s time to play! It’s been a busy work week for many. Valentine’s Day had us scrambling on Tuesday and … Continue reading

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