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A Father of Fathers : Zeus – Immortal Monday

Zeus: “Father of Gods and Men.” Sound like a grand title to you? This is Zeus. The Olympian who took control of Mount Olympus. I can’t think of a better immortal for our Immortal Monday focus around Father’s Day, can … Continue reading

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Where Is Thor and What Is He Doing: Challenge 2

Thor throws back his head in a mighty roar of laughter. He is delighted with your participation in the immortal game. He is especially happy to see the ladies present. He has decided to share his adventures of the previous week … Continue reading

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Would You Make A Wish? Djinn on Immortal Monday

Want to rub the magic lamp? Pop the cork on the genie’s bottle? Your wish is my command. *Blink* Five words you’d like to hear? But how many times have you heard, be careful what you wish for? It’s true. When … Continue reading

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