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The Greek God Apollo: Immortal Monday

I think it’s high time we return to our Greek god series here on Immortal Monday. Wouldn’t you agree? When you think of the god Apollo, do visions of the sun god come to mind? Did you know Apollo wasn’t … Continue reading

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The Gains of Change

Change. The foundation for opportunity. Do you fear it or embrace it? I’m not talking metaphorically. I mean right now, how do you react to change? For a moment, imagine life without change. Pretty boring, don’t you think? Every day … Continue reading

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“Why Vampires?” with Emma Meade – Immortal Monday

Vampires are no stranger to Immortal Monday. Traditionally they were the things of nightmares, creatures lurking in the dark and something to be feared. Today’s we’ve come to look at them in a new light. They’ve been romanticized and are now … Continue reading

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