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That Bad Habit of Mine + Book Giveaway

I have a bad habit. I fall in love too often. Have too many men, and none of them are real. Yep. I hate to say it, but I fall for the hero time and time again in the books … Continue reading

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A Legend and A Werebeast Makes an Immortal Monday

As students head back to school and parents get back into the groove of studying and homework, let’s indulge in a little story of old today on Immortal Monday. A legend, if you will. The Way of the Werebeast (Warning … Continue reading

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Homework with a Hunky Norse God

I hate homework! Okay. That might be a little strong. But, that’s what my kids are already singing and what I was dealing with as of last week. I’m not a huge fan of piles of paperwork or reliving elementary … Continue reading

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