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The Naiad Nymph – Daphne – and Immortal Monday

Oh, to love without return. To be pursued without end. This is the story of our immortals, Daphne and Apollo. We explored Apollo a few weeks ago on Immortal Monday, and at that time some interest was expressed in learning … Continue reading

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The Vampire Dairies Itch

What day is it? Sorry. I have the tune to Adventure Time stuck in my head as I write this. The show is a daily occurrence in my house. You don’t need to feel sorry for me. It feeds my crazy, which … Continue reading

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The Big Kahuna – Odin, Father to the Gods : Immortal Monday

In Norse mythology there are nine worlds, all connected by the World tree, Yggdrasil. If you saw the movie Thor, than you heard this little spiel as Thor and Jane sat by a small bonfire under the stars.  Each world … Continue reading

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