Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn Breakdown: Immortal Monday

The countdown is on. Only four short days until crowds everywhere storm the theaters for the much anticipated final installment in the Twilight series: Breaking Dawn. Will you be there? I will – NOT. Yep. I bought my ticket excited at the prospect of a girl’s night out, the kids safely at home.  A day later I realized – crap, I won’t even be in my home state for the big day. So I have to wait a week and a half to find out what everyone is talking about. I don’t want any spoilers from y’ all. Alrighty? ;D

My inability to attend is not going to stop this blog and Immortal Monday from celebrating the characters of Twilight on the onset of their story’s conclusion.  Let’s jump in, shall we, and take a look at the creatures, I mean characters of Twilight. 

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The Cullens – Olympic coven
Everyone pretty much knows all there is to know about these vegetarian vampires. Half the population wants to be one or be married to one, am I right? Maybe not the people reading this blog, but they’re out there.

The Cullens are strong, beautiful, and sparkly. Not to mention fast and hard as stone. Added bonus – they never need to sleep. They were founded in 1918 when Carlisle Cullen turned Edward, the first of his family. They are heavy in the supernaturally gifted department. These gifts include telepathy, precognition, pathokinesis, a mental shield, tactile thought projection and shield penetration. 

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The wolf pack – Uley pack
The half of the world that doesn’t want to be a Cullen vampire wants to run with the wolf pack. They are the warm-blooded super-natural beings in the mix. And like the Cullens, hold very little secrets to be revealed. Descendants of the original Quileute pack, the Uley pack has grown to fourteen members strong. That is, until Jacob withdrew from the pack taking Seth and Leah with him. Among the wolves a few show enhanced abilities. Jared has improved sight, Seth has improved hearing and Leah is the fastest wolf in the group. Jacob can phase on the fly.

Now let’s talk about the group that doesn’t get discussed as often. The big, the bad, the ugly… What every story needs and what makes the unfolding of a tale so interesting – the bad guy.

The Volturi
As established above, the Volturi is the largest and most powerful of vampire covens. Sitting at the throne are Aro, Caius and Marcus and there they have ruled for 3000 years. They are the equivalent of a royal family and enforce the laws of the vampire world. Rules such as:

      • Hunting is forbidden in the city of Volterra
      • Never draw attention to one’s self in open sunlight
      • Hunts should be inconspicuous
      • The creator is responsible for his newborn’s behavior
      • Self-control – No immortal children are allowed

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The five core members include the three listed above plus Sulpicia, Aro’s wife, and Athenodora, Caius’s wife. Marcus’s wife (and Aro’s sister) Didyme was also a member before her brother killed her. Marcus and Didyme had become restless and Aro feared they would leave the clan. Marcus was too important to Aro’s plan so he killed his sister and persuaded Marcus to remain content using Chelsea’s ability. Marcus’s ability to sense relationships developed after his mate’s death. The other wives were locked up in the tower after Didyme’s death, their mood altered by another’s ability. Didyme had the ability to make others happy. This gift is called the aura of happiness. Aro had little use for it.

 In addition to the core members, the coven is comprised of many powerful and imposing vampires known as the Volturi guard. The most prominent members will get the most power play in the big fight against the Cullens.

  • Chelsea – Born in Greece before 1100 BC – Affects relationship ties (not featured in the films)
  • Jane – Twin sister of Alec and a few minutes older. Born in England around 800 AD – Inflicts the mental illusion of burning pain
  • Alec – Born of an Anglo-Saxon woman and a Frankish soldier. He and his sister’s abilities were strongly evident even as toddlers –He possesses the gift of sense deprivation/can completely cut off all senses of multiple targets.
  • Demetri – Born in Greece and transformed by the Egyptian coven’s leader. When the Volturi found out about his ability, they used Chelsea’s power to persuade him to come over to their clan. He tracks people through the tenor of their minds.

Reason the twins were turned so young: Aro saw their gift very early on and knew he wanted to bring them into the fold, but immortal children were not permitted, so he allowed them to be raised by their parents. But the locals began to notice how people were affected when they were good to the children or bad to them. Soon they were branded as witches and sentenced to burn at the stake. Aro received word and got there just in time to save them, turning them and bring them into the fold. They are the youngest among the Volturi as a result, living in the immortal body of twelve-year-olds.

There’s your Breaking Dawn/Twilight Saga character class rundown. Did I forget anyone? 

Top Reason To Be:
A Cullen Vampire…because their virtually indestructible, extremely powerful, and don’t have to turn into a wolf to do all the cool things that they do.
A Volturi Vampire…because you’re practically royalty, you make all the rules and you’re immortal.
A member of the wolfpack…because they’re warm, alive and don’t have the desire to kill the human they’re with.

Are you looking forward to the final installment this weekend? Do you already have your ticket? Or is this one of those things you’ll take a pass on? 


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35 Responses to Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn Breakdown: Immortal Monday

  1. susielindau says:

    I saw the first movie with my book club and tried not to laugh through the entire movie! I have to admit to liking the book. Don’t tell anyone. I never read any of the others, nor have seen the movies, but that has more to do with my husband’s veto!
    I have some catching up to do! Maybe they are being aired this week on PPV and I can watch while he plays tennis!

    • Debra Kristi says:

      I’m always confused when people tell me they fell in love with Twilight because of the first movie. It wasn’t a good movie. I can understand people who love the movie because of the book, but not the other way around. But then I live with a movie critic. To each their own, I guess. This weekend is going to be crazy at the theaters. Guess you and I won’t be part of that. I won’t be anywhere near it. I think it’s kind of funny that your husband is so against you reading the Twilight series. 😀 .

      • susielindau says:

        I wrote that poorly. Danny could care less what I read although I think he would love it if I started reading 50 Shades of Gray! Hahaha!
        He just won’t watch the Twilight movies!

  2. Deliberately Delicious says:

    There was something so creepy to me about the first book, not about the vampires and werewolves, but about the way the protagonist willingly submits to the power of a man/vampire, that I haven’t been able to get past it. (I had the same reaction to Shades of Grey). I won’t be seeing the movie. Perhaps I should be seeing a therapist instead 🙂

    • Debra Kristi says:

      I did a post, almost a year ago now, that sort of address that. I questioned Edward’s stalker tendencies. It bothered me, as did Bella’s flippant attitude about it. I think the wolf is too hot headed and immature. But then they are all young, besides Edward, who’s around a hundred years old. That post actually upset a person or two. 😦

      I don’t think you need a therapist at all. You sound very healthy to me!

  3. Emma says:

    Golden eyed Cullen please.
    I’m going Saturday night with my sisters. It will be my big sister’s first night out since she gave birth a few weeks ago, so we’re all looking forward to our last date with the Cullens.

    • Debra Kristi says:

      I think your sister is ready for a girl’s night out. You’ll have fun no matter what. Make sure she doesn’t fret about the baby the whole time, but allows herself some selfish time. 🙂 Congratulations on becoming an aunt.

      • Emma says:

        She doesn’t want to leave the baby behind 🙂 Hopefully the film will be distracting enough. And thanks, Debra.

        • Debra Kristi says:

          I can understand that. It’s hard when you have a new born. She’ll be thinking about the baby the whole time. But getting out will be good for her. She’ll eventually realize that, if not now – eventually.

  4. Coleen Patrick says:

    I will see it, but maybe not this weekend. Somehow seeing these movies turned into a bit of tradition for me and my younger sister. We are not major fans or anything, it’s just fun. 🙂

    • Debra Kristi says:

      That’s how it was for me. I didn’t have a clue what it was about when the first movie was due to debut. I read the book in a couple of days before the opening. If I see a movie first I rarely read the book afterwards. My girlfriend dragged me to the show. After that it became a thing we did every time. Not this time. You’ll have fun. When it’s a social event it’s fun no matter what. I love that it’s just you and your sister.

  5. Debra-
    I can’t believe we didn’t talk about Twilight at RWA! I probably assumed you weren’t a fan, since most of the writers I know hate the books and the movies. I love both for different reasons. I was totally immersed in the world of Forks, the Cullens and the Wolves. I’ve done quite a few posts about my love of Twilight and I’ve even addressed the whole Edward-Stalker-Alpha male issue that a lot of people have with the books.
    Not only will I be seeing the movie, but I’m doing the marathon! A lot of theaters are showing all the movies in order leading up to the new one and I am so there. And I give lots of thanks to my hubby who didn’t even argue when I told him I was going to be MIA that Thursday. (He’ll have the three kids, homework, dinner and baths by himself 😛
    I can’t wait for you to see it and hear what you think about it.

    • Debra Kristi says:

      That’s so funny. I guess Twilight and Edward never came up. So…did you see it? I saw you posting about your Twilight marathon on FB. 😀 I’ve gotten a mixed review from writers where this book/series is concerned. I’ve even seen where this series is the reason some writers where encouraged to write in the first place. I think one of the biggest things Twilight as going for it is the sheer number of people it got to start reading. That alone is amazing and should never be taken lightly. No matter what people think of Meyer’s writing, she got young people picking up books. That’s nothing to shake your head at. Just sayin’.

      • I did see it and I loved it, which isn’t a big surprise. I’ve never believed the movies are award material, but they are great entertainment. If you liked the other movies, you’ll like this one. They’ve deviated from the books a little, so don’t let anyone spoil it for you! I’ll be seeing it again two or three more times over the break with different people.
        Happy Thanksgiving!

        • Debra Kristi says:

          Thanks, Tracy! I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving yourlself. So glad to be hearing good things about the movie. Looking forward to seeing it when I return. 😀

  6. I really did enjoy the books,but I have a hard time making it through the movies. I feel like the enthusiasm’s there, but the acting is just so awful…lol Not everyone agrees with me, but Kristen and Rob have a way with stilted dialogue I can’t seem to overlook. Great post, my friend!

    • Debra Kristi says:

      Kristen plays the same role no matter who or what her role is. Have you noticed that? And Rob, well, maybe he had nothing to work with. Or maybe he was frightened by the makeup they put him in. I don’t know. I thought he did a little better in Water for Elephants. But their delivery in the Twilight movies is rather horrid, I must agree with you 100%.

      • I have noticed. She’s got a, um, style all her own? LOL Perhaps you could do a post investigating why people keep saying she can act. She may have some sort of paranormal power that persuades casting directors? I ‘d read it.

  7. Diana Beebe says:

    I’ve been waiting to comment since your post came out! Great post!

    I am going to the midnight showing with a few neighbors. We went together for the first part of Breaking Dawn, too. Then, I get to go with my BFF because she shouldn’t have to watch it alone. She and I have a love-hate relationship with the movies. I enjoyed the books (except for Bella’s obvious weaknesses–not a strong woman role model as far as I’m concerned–motherhood is the only thing that redeems her).

    I think I was more enamored with Stephenie Meyers’s success story than with the books themselves. (Is that twisted?) My BFF owns the movies and we watch them mostly so we can make fun of the things that the movie makers should *not* have done and so we can imagine what the characters should really look like in our heads (except for Billy Burke who is a perfect Charlie to me). At the same time, we have a blast watching them–they never get old (no pun intended!).

    My vote goes to the Cullens, only because I could use 24 hours a day to do all the stuff that I want to do. 😉

    • Debra Kristi says:

      I so hear you on the Cullen thing. I try to achieve that no sleep thing all the time but it doesn’t work. For some reason my body still needs its down time. 😦

      Stephenie Meyer’s story is pretty wild, isn’t it? She really lucked out. And to think what the publisher would have missed out on had she gone through the proper channels. LOL.
      I’m assuming you’ve seen the movie by now. Thumbs up or down? Do I want to know?

  8. I chose to be a Cullen, but truthfully, would simply want to be like them as I would want to have Lucy as my mate!

    • Debra Kristi says:

      A romantic! That’s beautiful, Scott. But we hardly know anything about Lucy, do we? What attracts you to Lucy so much? And I hate to be the one to break it to you, but Lucy bit the big one at the hands of Maria and Jasper. 😦

      • I assume you are talking about the last episode which I haven’t seen yet. Well, then, when I dream, we won’t go there. As for why, she is bubbly, funny, tolerates (even likes humans), and is gorgeous.

  9. Even though I’ve read the series a couple of times, and skimmed them a couple more, I didn’t remember a lot of the information you shared today. It’s really interesting. I enjoy the movies, but not as much as the books. I think the writers, directors, and anyone else involved in taking them from the original story to the screen did a poor job. I have a hard time watching Twilight (first movie) without picking it apart and complaining life a fishwife. But I do like being able to picture their faces when I read.

    Will I be in the theater? Yup. My daughter and I are going…at least once…but not opening night. Probably not for a few days in hopes of avoiding huge lines, both to get the tickets, and to get the popcorn. Sorry, can’t watch a movie without popcorn. 🙂

    Who did I vote for? The wolves. Couldn’t get into icy, or hugging someone who feels like a frozen statue. Also, there’s the whole just BEING ALIVE aspect. And Jacob and Sam both look better without shirts than Edward does so…there is that, too. I’d definitely want one who was a good 20 years older though. It’s hard to salivate over a teenager without feeling like a pedophile. 😉

  10. I am also carefully on guard against any spoiler-y comments, and will avoid most Twilight talk for the next few days. Will be seeing this final installment with my daughter, mom and good friend over the weekend. Major girl’s night out… Squee!

    I read and loved the books before seeing the movies. I know they aren’t great, but I still watch them over and over, and may work in a marathon night this week before viewing the finale. lol

    Don’t understand what it is about that story. I know Bella is a doormat. I know Edward swings back and forth between crazy stalker and controlling jerk. I know the acting sucks. And yet I’ll huddle on the sofa, totally engrossed if their world, their lives, their love. ~sigh~ I guess there’s still some part of me that bypasses all common sense for the sake of sappy romance. But it’s nice to know I’m not all alone in my craziness! 🙂

    Oh, and I picked the pack… cause I would hate never being anything but dead cold. Brrrr…

  11. I just couldn’t get into this series, so I won’t be going to see the final movie 😦 I did find this post really interesting though because until now I knew very little about the Volturi. Thanks for enlightening me. Now I’ll at least not be completely ignorant when everyone starts talking Twilight 🙂

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