Minions, Mountains, and the God of Thunder

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been wondering about our guy Thor. I’d begun to think he’d left us and wandered back over the rainbow bridge to Asgard. The mere thought left me depressed. How was I going to explain to my little girl that her favorite god was never coming home? I might have drowned in my tears if the rain hadn’t lifted my spirits. The rain was a clear sign to me that our Norse god was still on the job looking out for our crops. That gave me a tiny bit of hope that I, I mean, Monkey might see him again.

Let’s talk about Thor for a minute. Now you know it’s safe to admit on this blog that Thor was the best part of The Avengers, wasn’t he? LOL. Really, I jest. It was actually a team effort that pulled that movie together. But Monkey (my daughter) would tell you he brought a special spark to the screen. She clapped when he showed up for the first time in the film. Now I’m sure you’ve heard they’re deep in the thick of filming Thor 2 : The Dark World. Rumor has it that both Jane and Loki are central to the plot in this film (There’s a spoiler posted on the Thor’s World Tour page if you’re interested). We still have a long wait for the sequel to hit the big screen. Are you excited for this film? Do you feel the first film delivered? Or was it just so-so?

Check out what’s been going on so far with the filming:

Omg! Omg! Jumping up and down with excitement! Thor pinged me!

Do you know what that means? He didn’t forsake Earth for Asgard, and he has an update for us. Woo hoo! Curious as to what he’s been up to? He’s been hiding out with Lesann Berry up in the state of Washington. Head over there now to see what kind of chaos he’s been causing. What’s this I hear about minions and attempted National Park take overs? Go there now to find out:

Lesann Berry

Copyright by Lesann Berry

Lesann Berry – Thor Almost Takes the Mountain

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9 Responses to Minions, Mountains, and the God of Thunder

  1. tedstrutz says:

    Let’s talk about Thor for a minute. Now where have we heard that before? Oh, I know… right here! 🙄

  2. lynettemburrows says:

    Aw, you had me really worried for you, I mean, Monkey. Thank goodness Thor pinged you. LOL. I am having so much fun following Thor on his travels. You were inspired when you started this!

  3. Poor Debra…I mean Monkey. Where is Thor these days? I haven’t seen anything about him lately.

  4. Aww…poor Debra and Monkey… And poor me!!! I just realized, looking at Thor’s World Tour map…he was less than HALF A DAY from me at some point in the tour. Maybe four hours away. So close. I think I’m going to go stand in the corner and cry now. Thor…how could you!

  5. Diana Beebe says:

    I was beginning to wonder about Thor, too! 😉 I won’t let myself watch the spoilers…I won’t…. Not going to do it…. Who am I kidding?

    My daughter’s favorite scene in The Avengers is when Hulk punches Thor. *shakes head* You can assure Thor that there are no Hulk figures at our house, so he doesn’t have to worry about a re-enactment.

  6. Sorry to say (Don’t let Monkey hear), but Thor is one of my least favorites. I enjoyed “Avengers”, but liked the other heroes best. My favorites are Spiderman, Flash, and Daredevil. I do like the new Iron Man.

  7. susielindau says:

    I can’t wait for another Thor adventure… 🙂

  8. Thor. Thor. Thor. Ah, I love Thor.

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