Soap Isn’t Just for Bath Time: Vlogoff

Mark your calendars. This is my first vlog – EVER. I’ll admit I was intimidated, and not crazy about seeing myself on camera. I’m not pleased with what this last year of sitting on my butt blogging has done. That being said, that topic is a matter for another post. Today I’m participating in a VLOGOFF! This is the first one to take place. And we’re talking about SOAP, of all things. It’s just a few fellow YA authors and bloggers having a friendly competition. I don’t know what everyone else’s take on this topic will be, but being a real project oriented individual at home, I took  this challenge and ran in that direction.

Make sure you check out the other author’s blogs and watch their videos. Comment on the blog post you like the best to let us know that one is your top pick. Here is your author line-up: Krystal Wade, Bonnie PaulsonKristina CircelliJohanna PitcairnVerity Linden. When they have made you laugh, cry and snort, remember who gave you fifteen different ways to use soap! 😉 Just kidding – maybe.

Okay…So, the person with the most votes by Monday wins! And the winner gets to pick our topic for the following week’s vlogoff. It’s all in fun. Who doesn’t like fun?

Let’s talk about soap…

Oh crap! I gave you the wrong video. That’s my kids’ Cali cat. She wasn’t very exciting during this taping. I don’t foresee YouTube stardom in her future. But hey, even cats can enjoy soap every once in a while. Our Cali-cat will enjoy just about anything. She probably ate that soap after I turned of the camera and will be burping up soap bubbles tonight.

But seriously, I do talk soap. I don’t know when to shut up about it – apparently. This tape had to be edited – a lot. There are so many things you can use soap, for I couldn’t include them all in my vlog, although I tried. I have included a comprehensive list below. The moment of truth. Here is my soap-famercial.

Eighteen uses for soap:

1. Deodorizer/Air freshener Using a decorative mesh bag, place a bar of your favorite soap inside your suitcase, car or your drawers to keep them smelling fresh.
2. Fabric Marker- When hemming, use the small left over bits of soap to mark the fabric. It will wash completely away.
3. Zippers- Sliding soap up and down along the zipper will help loosen a stuck or rusty track.
4. Pin Cushion- Wrap the soap in attractive cloth and use it as a pin cushion. Soap will lubricate the needle making it easier to insert in the fabric.
5. Removing Light Bulbs – Push up against broken bulb and turn.
6. Flea Trap- Mix some soap with water in a bowl, place under a light. It will attract fleas.
7. Clean dirty windowsills by running the wet edge of the bar down along them.
8. Remove wallpaper glue when mixed with warm water and sponged to the wall.
9. Lubricates the metal rails on any sticky desk drawers or cabinets.
10. Lubricate nails and screws so that they will drive into the wood with less risk of splitting it.
11. Cut a straighter line with a hand saw when coated along the edge of the blade.
12. Soot Prevention- When planning a cook out with a cast iron pot, rub a bar of soap over the bottom of the pot before setting it over the open flame. The soap will make for an easy cleanup as it will prevent soot from accumulating.
13. Dirty Fingernail Prevention- Working on the car or yard without gloves. Scrape your fingernails over a bar of soap first. The soap accumulation will help keep dirt from getting under your nails and will wash away when you clean up later.
14. Insect Bit Anesthetic- Did you know a dampened bar of soap rubbed on an insect bite will alleviate itching? So they say.
15. Kids bored? Artist medium. Challenge them to carve something uber cool from their bar of soap. What do they see? A bear? A castle? A princess?

I hope you found this post both entertaining and informative. I know I talked a long time. I’ll get better. Now cast your vote with a comment – hopefully here? 😉 Hehe. But seriously, check them all out and have fun. See you next time.


Thanks for stopping by! I truly appreciate your support. Until next time, au revoir.

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Debra Kristi is a mother, an author, a Pinterest addict, and sometimes DIY home decorator. Hang with her to escape the everyday stress. Be sure to leave your mind open to the fantastical.
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42 Responses to Soap Isn’t Just for Bath Time: Vlogoff

  1. Krystal Wade says:

    I feel so educated about soap now. I like the hem idea the best! 🙂 and I think the red on your walls is the same as mine!

  2. susielindau says:

    This was great Debra! I have terrible Internet and will open the videos later… Love the windowsill as well as the bug bite and nail ideas!

    • Debra Kristi says:

      I saw you were on a trip. Where are you traveling? Isn’t the windowsill great? I hate cleaning those things. And nails! Thanks for stopping by, busy lady.

  3. Well, whether I get to the others or not, this one taught me so much about soap!
    Thanks for the lessons,

  4. Julia says:

    I did NOT know about nails, screws and soap. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Oh man, that was so fun. 🙂 Yay to vlog offs!!

  6. I give my son a bar of soap and it will last FOREVER. He doesn’t dig bar soap. But foaming soap. Now THAT is another thing. The dude is rank. Seriously, he needs to develop an appreciation for all kinds of soap, if you ask me.

    • Debra Kristi says:

      Boys are funny like that, aren’t they? Mine can get out of the shower looking like he still needs to wash his hair. What’s up with that? We used to use the body wash and foam soap. Now I’m the only one as my youngest will dump them out immediately and create some sort of science experiment during her bath/fun-time. She’s a total wild child and I got tired of her killing off the soap on the first day each time. Now it’s bar soap and it doesn’t last much longer. I’m not sure what she does.

  7. You’re a vlog star! Who knew there were so many uses for soap? I don’t think I have a single bar in the house ~ I’m a fan of the foaming hand wash from Bath and Body works. But now I’ll grab a few. Congrats on your first vlog!

    • Debra Kristi says:

      Thanks. It was like waiting for that first ding in your car. Now it will be easier to drive down the road. LOL. I’m also a HUGE fan of foaming hand wash. But with Monkey, it won’t last through one bath SO bar it must be. Someday I won’t need to buy bars anymore. Of course, I always keep a bar of LAVA soap around for wash up after those little projects I like to do sometimes. Foam soap is no substitute for a serious scrub when you need it. Thanks for your support. Now when will we see your vlog? 😉

  8. So many cool ideas for soap! Thanks, Debra!

  9. I haven’t heard of a vlogoff–very cool idea! And you look great!
    My hub is the only one who uses bar soap in our house. Everyone else uses body wash. 🙂

    • Debra Kristi says:

      Aw, thanks Coleen! I admit, when the idea was first presented to me I was a little intimidated. I had to learn everything. But it worked out alright. This is the beginning of my learning curve.
      My husband uses the bar soap too. They probably think the other stuff is too girlie for them. I had to switch the kids to bar soap because my youngest kept dumping all the foam soap out each wash. It was getting too costly. It was more of a playtime, mixing and experimenting than actually washing her body. Sigh.

  10. I love the idea of creating a pocket in a sponge and slipping slivers of soap inside. Who knew soap could be used to lubricate nails?! Thanks for these tips, Debra.

  11. Trese says:

    That was fun. It’s been so long since I’ve actually “seen” you. I didn’t know about the soap on the saw. Be sure to hoard the little soaps when you stay at hotels; they also fit better in little hands.

    • Debra Kristi says:

      It has been too long! I think about visiting you all the time. If only we had expendable cash. I have always been a hoarder when it comes to those little soaps. The church I grew up with used to create complete toiletries packages every Christmas for the homeless and set them up for the night, providing them with shower facilities. Ever since then I have continued collecting, looking for another similar program.

  12. lynnkelleyauthor says:

    Well, dang, who woulda thunk there are so many uses for bars of soap? I learned lots of good tips today, and your vlog rocks, Debra! You get my vote! 🙂

    • Debra Kristi says:

      Well thank you! I keep thinking of your vlogs and how much fun they are. Who knows, maybe you’ll catch me doing something fun, outside of a how-to video as we go forward.

  13. That was too cute. I’m going to go home and make a soap carving. Not because I’m bored, but because I want to try it.

    Love the ideas! You’ve got my vote, but that’s probably because I love your totally cute pink hair.

    And don’t think I didn’t see the action figures lined up behind you on the table either, because I did see them. Nice touch.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Debra Kristi says:

      Aw, thank you! I’ve been getting some pretty cool compliments from total strangers on my hair lately, when I’ve been out and about.
      If you manage to create a totally boss soap carving you must share a photo with us. 😀
      What action figures? 😉 Thor!!! My kids put him there and that’s where he stayed – in my master bedroom. LOL. Front and center. All other cool characters take a backseat.

  14. Susan Reiss says:

    Some very good ideas! Good Job!

  15. Well I never thought to apply soap to a zipper! Great ideas, Debra. Good luck in the vlogoff.

  16. Emma says:

    Aw, Debra, it’s great to see you and hear your voice. That zipper tip is very handy.
    Your bathroom is really lovely – great wall colour!

  17. Karen Rought says:

    From what little I saw in the video, I can easily say you have a gorgeous home!

    *holding a saw in each hand* “I do a lot of cutting.” No, no, that doesn’t make you sound like a serial killer. No, not at all! 😉

    Great video though. I definitely didn’t know most of those tips. I have a greater appreciation of soap now!

    • Debra Kristi says:

      Hahaha! That’s so funny! I hadn’t even thought of that. Originally I mention WHY I cut a lot, and on what (i.e. crown molding project and such), but that got cut to save time.

      Thank you for your lovely comments and compliments. You’re a doll. Listened to one of your podcasts the other day. It was fun hearing your voice.

  18. I knew about the nails, screws and needles/pins, and I also know one that you didn’t mention…rubbing it around the edges of a window when you’re painting the trim/frame to easily get any paint off the glass. But I didn’t know about the other stuff you mentioned. I, too, love the sponge idea. I also loved the vlog. 🙂

  19. Genius! My favorite is the tip to use it as seamstress chalk.

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