Thor Fumbles and Cupcakes: Zombie Mom Confessional

I’ve been a Zombie Mom lately. Why, you say? Writing work hours for one, the craziness with the family is another, and on top of it all…I got SICK! Seriously, who can afford to get sick these days? But I did. You’ll be happy to know the doctor ruled out the zombie eating flesh virus. Stress has run me down, though. Verdict, I need to be a good girl and make a few adjustments in order for my body to get better.

What makes a Zombie Mom?

Webster Dictionary defines mother and zombie as follows:

      • moth·er [muhth-er]  Show IPA   noun
      • 1. a female parent.
      • 2. often initial capital letter  ) one’s female parent
      •  zom·bie  [zom-bee]  Show IPA   noun Informal.
      • 1a person whose behavior or responses are wooden, listless, or seemingly  rote; automaton.

There’s more. You can read it now by jumping over to new new location here.

But wait! I got something better for you than this. Wait for it. What’s the word from Thor?

Thor's surprise for Tameri

Want to know what Thor is all dressed up with a scowl on his face? Make your way over to our new internet hangout to find out about Thor fumbles and update teases. While you’re there you can:

  •  You can sign up for your own Thor visit.
  • Enter for your chance to win a hard copy of Meg Cabot’s “Abandon.”

Or go straight to Tameri Ethertan’s fantastic blog, A Cup of Tea and Sorcery. for her incredible story directly.

About Debra Kristi

Debra Kristi is a mother, an author, a Pinterest addict, and sometimes DIY home decorator. Hang with her to escape the everyday stress. Be sure to leave your mind open to the fantastical.
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6 Responses to Thor Fumbles and Cupcakes: Zombie Mom Confessional

  1. Emma says:

    Feel better, Debra.

  2. Debra Kristi says:

    Thanks, Emma. Have an amazing weekend!

  3. So sorry you have been under the weather! Get well soon. Now… Popping over to check on Thor’s latest antics. 🙂

    • Debra Kristi says:

      Thank you, Laura. I’m slowly getting better – I think. I hope you’ll join us over at my new blog… I appreciate you stopping by.
      I hear I’ll get to meet you in person this May at DFW. 😀

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