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The Moirai – Goddesses of Fate: Immortal Monday

507px-The_Triumph_of_Death,_or_The_Three_FatesI personally find the Moirai fascinating. You may be familiar with them from the movie Clash of the Titans. They were depicted, as they have been described through the myths, as three haggard old women. I’ve gotten to know them … Read the rest →

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Do Big Businesses Owe Us a Role Model?

Brave_PosterBorn and raised in Southern California Disneyland was always a popular family destination. My father would make a point of taking us there once a year. We would arrive when the gates opened and stay until the park closed down … Read the rest →

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Waiting: Friday Fictioneers

aqueduct-sarah-ann-hallIt’s still Friday! Friday Fictioneers is here. Better late than never, as my dad used to always say. It’s been crazy over here at my camp. My kid had his big end of year class project pitch today. That meant I … Read the rest →

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