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Time For Uprising: Immortal Monday

Immortal Monday is here—one day late. We still have Greek god goodness for you. Bookalicious fun, as well. It’s exciting, and delightfully good. You don’t want to miss it, so head over to my new blog location to read the whole story. … Continue reading

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Lady Sif, the Two: Immortal Monday

If all you know about the lady Sif comes from the movie Thor, then your idea of who she is or should be is probably confused. #ImmortalMonday is going to attempt clear the confusion….to continue reading head to our new … Continue reading

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Archaeological Mysteries: Immortal Monday

History is amazing. When we take the time to look back at some of the stunning accomplishments created through the Ages you have got to wonder if we are truly advancing on all fronts? Ever find yourself curious how the people … Continue reading

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