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Secrets of One Naughty and Nice

A day late and a dollar short as my father used to always say. But it was for a good cause. An extremely important one, and I hope you took the time to educate yourself about SOAP and PIPA yesterday … Continue reading

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Goody-Goody Ticker Tape Parade: Confessions – or Not?

I have been dragging my heels! A little over a month ago a friend of mine posted a list of ten things she may or may not have done. A Naughty & Nice list. She allowed us, the readers, to … Continue reading

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–☆★✰Awesomeness Becomes You!✰★☆–

Like Alice I fell down the rabbit hole and a wondrous world I did find. Full of amazing people and incredible stories, my head is whirlin’. A potion, maybe just a sip, was slipped into my drink that has left me on … Continue reading

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