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16168564Open Doors: Fractured Fairy Tales is a whimsical collection of fairy tales. Ever wished to be like Sleeping Beauty so you could take a nap–for once? Isn’t it a bit annoying how the fairytale princes always get the girl, or how the three little pigs always beat the wolf? Well, that’s all about to change. . . .

Contributing Authors: Fran Fischer, Sarah Clark Monagle, B.J. Lee, Steven Kaminsky, Siv Maria Ottem, Deb Claxton, Diane Weis Farone, Adam Graham, EC Stilson, Pat Hatt, Joshua Carstens, Roland D. Yeomans, Jan Marshall, Kate Buhler, Barry Parham, Shane Stilson, Robert G. Ferrell, Neal Levin, Timothy Hurley, Melynda Fleury, Leetah East, Afobos, Larry Lefkowitz, Elaine Mann, Janie Goltz, Susan Kane, Bonnie Ogle, Eve Gaal, Rayne Debski, Aimee Davis, Eliserio, Liana Mahoney, Debra Kristi, Brevin Anderson, Katherine Valdez, Kayla Kelley, Linton Robinson, Diana M. Amadeo, Melissa Nott, Amanda N. Bliss, Darice Lee, M Sullivan, Victoria Fryer, Mickey Hunt, Kimberly Kay, Rosie Hendrickson, Kai Strand

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“The classic tales you remember from childhood have just gotten a face-lift and some have moved to Beverly Hills. Written by contemporary writers, this collection of shorts and verse, puts a modern and grown-up spin on the fairy tales of yore. The Three Little Pigs go green, Jack isn’t poor and Simple Simon has got a different story to tell. All the charm is still there, but the stories are more true.” — Anne O’Leary
“All I can say is, wow! I had no idea there would be this many stories combined into this book. And what is even more impressive, is all are top-notch. There are a ton of different writing styles, which allows for everyone to find something they like. Fairy tales have never been so colorful. Add to your must buy list today!” — Pat Hatt


bigfoot-anthology-coverBigfoot Confidential: Finally the Truth Revealed is a collection of short fiction about Bigfoot sightings, both horrific and funny. You will read about Bigfoot in the old west, Bigfoot in the modern day, Bigfoot and alien beings, Bigfoot’s mother, and Bigfoot himself fitting into society. This book has it all, but what it has most of is good writing in great and entertaining stories.

Contributing Authors:  Pamela Foster, Dusty Richards, Brenda Brinkley,  Delois McGrew,  Staci Troilo,  Gil Miller,  Jim Davis,  Jan Morrill,  Kim Lehnhoff, Bill Mueller,  David Bahnks,  Charles Watkins,  Greg Camp, Jason DePriest, Debra Kristi, Doyle Suit, Bonnie Tesh, Joy Keeney, Rhonda Lee. Editors: Lou Turner and Pamela Jones

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“I loved this book from the first story, which is a little scary, to the last, which is funny. The introduction is also a fun read. It’s Bigfoot at its best. Each story will take you in a different direction either keep you on the edge of your seat or give you a good laugh. Make sure to also check out Pamela Foster’s Bigfoot Blues, a novel set in Bigfoot country.” –L. J. Turner


5 minuteFive Minute Love Stories brings you twenty-two short stories exploring the many sides of love. In general the stories feature love in the traditional sense. But a few show love in broader terms, i.e. love of family or pet, and even something hot and spicy. It is brought to you by the Los Angeles Romance Authors (LARA).

Contributing Authors: Kathleen Cadman, Leigh Court, Samanthe Beck, Robin Bielman, Debbie Decker, Chellesie B. Dancer, Robert Hecker, Janie Emaus, Debra Kristi, Brenna Johns, Christine London, Brenda Scott Royce, Beverly Diehl, Scarlet Llewellyn,  Lisa Weseman, Veronica Scott, Laura Sheehan.

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