Dark Perceptions is Here!

Run, don’t walk. Explosive things are happening on Amazon!

Okay…maybe that’s a slight oversell.


The wait is over! Dark Perceptions hit the virtual shelves today!

Dark Perceptions promo banner in Dark Perceptions Release by Debra Kristi authorPart of the Mystic’s Carnival Collective, like The Moorigad Dragon, Dark Perceptions takes place at the magical carnival location and even has visits from a few familiar faces. Technically this is a prequel, but is its own story, separate from any other. 

Curious for a peek?  Check it out. Starting several paragraphs in, from Sara’s point of view…

Since we’d met, I’d come to crave Matt to an almost unbearable level. And yet, I now questioned everything I’d felt. I questioned love and wanting. I questioned the solidarity of relationships. Not that it was Matt’s fault. The blame fell squarely on my parents. They had shown me how quickly perfection could be shattered. Or at least, the perception of perfection. In one short week they had destroyed everything. Our family, our happy home, their union.

Matt’s foot rubbed against mine in one long, slow stroke, and he watched me with tenderness in his gaze.

My face flushed. “What are you looking at?”

His hand drifted toward me, his finger tracing the edge of my hair. “You. I could stare at you for hours. Tell me what’s bothering you. Please talk to me.” His knuckle brushed the curve of my neck.

I bit the inside of my lip and looked away, turning my watchful eyes back to the stars. “My parents are getting a divorce,” I said. I couldn’t have been more glum in my tone, but I hated the thought of a temporary separation, much less a permanent one. My parents had always been the ideal couple―or so it’d seemed. Forever finding comfort in their silence. Never needing constant reassurances of their love.

Matt turned toward me. The metal beneath us popped and groaned. “Damn, Sara. I’m so sorry. That’s tough.” He reached for my hand, pulling it free from beneath my head. “Is there anything I can do?”

“Has anyone in your family gotten a divorce?”

He shook his head. “Nah. But my dad’s been having an affair for almost two years. So I’m no stranger to a messed up family life.”

“An affair? How did you find―?” I twisted to face him and the blanket beneath us shifted, sliding against the metal of the car. Suddenly we were slipping in one quick glide off the hood, just like a kiddie ride. We landed in a dirty heap and a burst of laughter.

Disclaimer: There are thrills, chills, mention of drug use, some bad language, and CLOWNS. Have to put that out there.

Pick it up today for an unbeatable price!

Add it to your “Want-to-read” list!

Dark Perceptions Cover via Twisting the Carnival Dark by Debra Kristi, author Dark Perceptions is part of something larger—Mystic’s Carnival Collective, a collection of stories sharing a common world as written by various authors. For more stories visiting the magical carnival you may look for the published works of fellow author, Kristy K. James, and the soon to come stories from author, Melinda VanLone. Mystic’s Carnival has BIG plans in the works. Keep watch for the fun to begin. 


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New Release: The Moorigad Dragon

With a life saved, one dragon’s fantastic journey takes flight.

The Moorigad Dragon in New Release by Debra Kristi, authorA Magical Universe…

Hidden throughout the worlds are magical portals leading to the secret dimension where Mystic’s Carnival is nestled. A self-aware fair that is both carnival and circus combined, and filled with a plethora of supernatural and paranormal beings.

Performers and runaways, Kyra and Sebastian, are away visiting the human realm when they find themselves at odds. Stay hidden, or interfere with a human’s destiny?

Saving a life doesn’t go unpunished.

Kyra thinks saving Marcus’s life is easy – slick as dragon snot – and a one-time deal. The resulting bond tying her to him and enslaving her as protector is unexpected.

She didn’t expect one good deed to turn into an endless chain of good deeds. Or to complicate the relationship with her best friend, Sebastian. And she especially didn’t expect it to place her life on the line.

Kyra’s dragon must keep Marcus alive and salvage her relationship with Sebastian without losing herself or dying.

Pick up your digital copy today! Amazon

Grab an author signed paperback: Ghost Girl Publishing

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Immortals, Demigods, Dragons, and Carnivals…Wow!

Immortals, demigods, dragons, and carnivals…say that really fast five times. I dare you. It’s a tongue twister.

That’s not all it is.

It’s a short list of the topics covered at DebraKristi.com. If you aren’t following, you’ve been missing some fun facts.

Jump, pop, fly, teleport over to see what cool things have been explored. We love new company. Monday marks the debut of a new Immortal Monday  to hit the list. Love mythology? Then it might be the perfect day to stop in.

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A Carnival, A Circus, and A Notebook

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