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“Why Vampires?” with Emma Meade – Immortal Monday

Vampires are no stranger to Immortal Monday. Traditionally they were the things of nightmares, creatures lurking in the dark and something to be feared. Today’s we’ve come to look at them in a new light. They’ve been romanticized and are now … Continue reading

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A Bird named Enza and the Influenza

When I was young I had a horrible time with history. Hated it. Where did this stem from? I never had a very good teacher when it came to the subject. In high school I had a teacher that I … Continue reading

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Delving Into The Child of Fire * Phoenix Child

Welcome to a world where anything is possible.  A world where magic and fantasy come together. What? You didn’t know you were in such a place? Have you gotten lost? We celebrate the impossible here. As a writer of fantasy, … Continue reading

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