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Immortals, Demigods, Dragons, and Carnivals…Wow!

Immortals, demigods, dragons, and carnivals…say that really fast five times. I dare you. It’s a tongue twister. That’s not all it is. It’s a short list of the topics covered at DebraKristi.com. If you aren’t following, you’ve been missing some … Continue reading

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New Orleans, Plantations, Research, Writing, Skinwalkers, Oh My!

Haven’t made the move over to DebraKristi.com yet? You really should. Take a glimpse at what you’ve been missing. Plus, the first newsletter is set to go out with a special for-the-newsletter-only Immortal Monday edition! You don’t want to miss … Continue reading

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This Blog Has Moved

Have you wondered why this blog has been so quiet? We moved to our new internet address. Would you like to catch up on more recent posts? Head on over, join the family. We would love to have you. Going forward … Continue reading

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