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It Began In a House of Flying Daggers

A while back, a girlfriend of mine was good enough to introduce me to a foreign film and martial arts beauty, House of Flying Daggers. I’ll admit, when I rented the film I was solely interested in studying the fighting … Continue reading

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Virus and Certain Death Delayed Me – Row80 – 3/11

Better late than never. That’s what my Dad used to say. I had promised to check in with my Row80 update last Sunday, but things don’t always work out as planned. A week ago Friday, a series of pop-ups began … Continue reading

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Movies, Me and Row80 Check-ins

The many levels and intensities of confusion. This is something I went through this last weekend and is the reason I missed my Row80 update on Sunday. I am making up for it today. Unfortunately, it will bump the intended … Continue reading

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