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Time For Uprising: Immortal Monday

Immortal Monday is here—one day late. We still have Greek god goodness for you. Bookalicious fun, as well. It’s exciting, and delightfully good. You don’t want to miss it, so head over to my new blog location to read the whole story. … Continue reading

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The Big Kahuna – Odin, Father to the Gods : Immortal Monday

In Norse mythology there are nine worlds, all connected by the World tree, Yggdrasil. If you saw the movie Thor, than you heard this little spiel as Thor and Jane sat by a small bonfire under the stars.  Each world … Continue reading

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The Greek God Apollo: Immortal Monday

I think it’s high time we return to our Greek god series here on Immortal Monday. Wouldn’t you agree? When you think of the god Apollo, do visions of the sun god come to mind? Did you know Apollo wasn’t … Continue reading

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