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Thor Fumbles and Cupcakes: Zombie Mom Confessional

I’ve been a Zombie Mom lately. Why, you say? Writing work hours for one, the craziness with the family is another, and on top of it all…I got SICK! Seriously, who can afford to get sick these days? But I … Continue reading

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Snow and Ice and Everything the God of Thunder Likes

This blog likes to travel! Unfortunately, I’m not the one who gets to enjoy all the fabulous sites and hospitality. Thor is taking the world by storm (pun intended). Can you tell me what Tinker Bell, hockey and snow have … Continue reading

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Friends – Gods – Tours and Crazy Moments of Immaturity

Where has everyone gone? Oh, wait. I’m the one who went missing!! MIA-me and Thor. Where have we been? You’re not thinking we ran off together, or are you? Nooo. That’s just silly. If you’ve been following this blog, then you know … Continue reading

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